About us

The massive propagation of plants by plant tissue culture is a biotechnological technique that permits sowing material that is healthy and vigorous, with the plants that are selected because of their excellent characteristics.

This allows plant producers to achieve great efficiency and homogeneity in its processes, thus obtaining competitive products because of its quantity and quality. For an advantage, this technology should be adapted in the conditions and requirements of the environment. This gives an alternative to the methods of traditional propagation, which at the moment, could have a significant impediment to undertake massive programs of cultivation in a great variety of species.

VitroPlant S.A. is a company that is looking to make the use and application of biotechnology more accessible to national and international plant producers, adjusting itself to different types of business, in a form that signifies an increment in volume and quality of its products.


Our mission
To contribute with the conservation and improvement of vegetable cultivations, through the in vitro reproduction technologies, offering our clients a service with aggregate value, by means of the quality seed delivery and novel derived products.
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