Collectors of orchids that require the plant species that is available in our inventory.

Tourists that visit Costa Rica can purchase the in vitro orchid/coffee plants, with the necessary documents required for the entrance of their country upon return.

Orchid lovers that want to cultivate one of these plants from its initial states of development.

People that desire to have an in vitro orchid/coffee plant as a desktop decoration, without the need to water or fertilize it, during the time period the plant is inside the container of glass (vial/flask).

Business or institutions that desire to give as gift an in vitro orchid or coffee plant, in its activities (congresses, meetings, outside visits); with the possibility to personalize the card of the product, placing the information of their business.



Producers of plants or parts of plants that require vegetable cloning material that have outstanding characteristics (productivity, performance, structure).

Producers that have few individuals of certain species/variety/hybrid and they want to carry it to specific volumes for their commercial exploitation.

Producers of plants that have problems with reproduction making use of conventional techniques.

Producers of orchids (obtaining of seedlings through germination of seeds or cloning through meristems).

Producers of plants that require to renew clean plantations making use of plantlets and thus to enlarge performances and to reduce possibilities of illnesses.


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