Orchid in flask

Instructions for care

  • Keep the plant in a lighted place, but never under direct sunlight.
  • The flask must be kept at room temperature, as long as it is not extreme. Temperature: 63°F-90°F (17°C-32°C).
  • Open the flask only until the plant is ready to be transplanted (5 cm tall or more).


Steps to transplant
1. Put the moss tablet in ¼ cup of water for hydration.
2. Take the plant from the flask and rinse the roots to eliminate the gel.
3. Eliminate excess water by squeezing the hydrated moss with your hands.
Place the moss in a flower pot. Plant the orchid on humid moss making sure to cover the roots.




  • Keep the plant in low light conditions and high humidity for at least the first month.
  • Place the plant under more intense light after 2 or 3 months.
  • Always keep moss slightly damp.
  • We recommend you use mild foliar fertilizer every 2 or 3 weeks, after the first month of transplanting.

These plants can remain in the vial an average of 1 or 2 months without need of transplanting.

The plants reproduced in vitro are exempt of the regulations of the Convention on the Fauna Threatened Species international trade and Wild Flora (CITE, Art. VII).



Orchid´s list

Brassia gireoundiana Cattleya dowiana Cattleya intermedia var alba Cattleya labiata Cattleya trianae
Cattleya violacea Dendrobium antennatum Epidendrum pfavii Guarianthe skinneri Gurianthe skinneri alba oculata3
Laelia anceps var alba Myrmecophila tibicinis Oncidium Sweet Sugar Phalaenopsis Cassandra (white) Rodriguezia venusta krameriana
Psychopsis krameriana
Trichocentrum cebolleta Warscewiczella discolor    

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